…..although it seems keeping a updated blog is not one of them.  Sorry guys!

They say that Twitter is the new black.  Hmm, I look great in black! Perhaps Twitter will look great on me as well…

…. I honestly never thought the day would come that I would tweet anything! Ha

…. Although, I’m not completely sold on the world of Twitter. In fact, I’m quite apprehensive.  My thoughts were that it was always more for the 35 and under’s? .. I’m not quite sure that is the age range I want to Twitter myself around in front of as that is not my ideal match.. Most gentleman I spend time with don’t seem to be the Twitter type a guy. ..

Although,… Perhaps there is something to say for this new black.  I have decided to take the next few weeks in poke around a bit and figure out how to even accomplish a tweet. The pros/cons ect ect ect…

Should I be convinced to get 

my toes wet in the land of Twitter I will post a announcement of my Twitter handle should you love to follow me and .. .my wiggle.

Wish me luck !