True Lifestyle Behind the Scenes of a Las Vegas Brunette Escort

Romantic evenings well spent with a dear gentlemen friend; sharing exhilarating moments and lots of laughs; I make someone’s day – super fulfilling. My friend departs with a smile plastered across his face, feeling like a million bucks and that makes me really happy. Despite our shield of privacy, I’m pretty sure he wonders, ‘What is Char doing when I’m not around?” I’m here to paint that picture!

Even though a Las Vegas mature escort does her best to remain anonymous for the sake of both herself and her friend, originality still finds a way to shine through. I’m not exception! Have you viewed my photos?

The culinary aspect

If we are friends, you probably know that I love to cook. Does that make me a gourmand? If the reader has dined with me, you bet! Think of my kitchen with all the gadgets, herbs and spices that crowd the cupboard shelves; the refrigerator and pantry chock full of prime ingredients. Food is kind of like intimacy – when it’s good, it’s great. But when it’s amazing, it’ll knock your socks off! I don’t need a reason to pull off an amazing meal. Life is the occasion. Go ahead and fantasize a bit about what this brunette entertainer I might be wearing when I’m cooking up a storm. I may have a sip or two of wine while I’m at it, just to liven things up. Add some music in the background and if I’m feeling especially daring, I’ll wear one of my favorite (by that I mean crazy sexy) aprons with… you guessed it! Nothing underneath. Oh, and heels of course. Maybe that’s why my cuisine tastes so amazing – it’s got that invisible ingredient called super sex appeal!

The wardrobe initiative

My closet is not lean by any measure. If I were to give my wardrobe a personality, it would be as outgoing, shapely and charismatic as I am (am I making assumptions?). If I were to paint a picture of my wardrobe, it would resemble a work of art. That is, outfits fit for any occasion with corresponding heels accessories that compliment. Entering my walk-in closet is like entering another universe. I’m not kidding! I take my fashion statement very seriously, in a non-pretentious sort of way, of course.

Down time solitude

Yes, this outgoing, bursting-with-life, make-you-feel-amazing kinda fantasy Vegas girlfriend needs her quiet time. And since I’m a total night owl (no, that does not mean that you should go text-crazy at 3am), I get some of my best work done at midnight (no pun intended!). My peeps are not surprised when they receive an email from me at 2am. The night is still and with no distractions I come to life. I get busy writing stories like this one, organizing my emails, planning my schedule for the upcoming days. Heck, I might even get a wild hair and re-organize my lingerie drawer(s). Which brings me to my next point:

The lingerie factor

My lingerie collection is more like the vast wardrobe of an improv theater. No joke (remember, I mentioned about referring to my photos?), I’ve got an ensemble fitting for any fantasy. From encountering love at first site to you’ve-been-a-very-bad-boy-and-must-be-punished, I’ve got it covered. From lace and garters to spandex and spankings, call me an actress of the most genuine kind and you’ve got me pegged! Well, almost. Even as an intimate entertainer in Las Vegas, there’s a private side to me. It’s sort of like Victoria’s Secret silk pajamas meets lazy Sunday morning over a cup-a-joe. Even when I’m chill, I like to balance my mood with a bit of pink and a few threads of satin.

The complete package theory

Fallacy or realism? Whatya think, boys? As a VIP brunette hostess who thrives on balance, I try my best to keep it all together which I believe is an art. As much as I draw a line between my private life and my life as an entertainer, there’s still a lot of crossover. Mind, body and spirt work in concert no matter what we do in this world. I always keep up the good energy because I know that I’m going to attract gentlemen friends of the same caliber. What does it all mean? That we’re going to have an amazing time together while making a sincere connection. Isn’t that what life is all about? For me it is!