“You’re there, I’m here. One of us is in the wrong place.” Charlene, Las Vegas brunette courtesan

Summer love with a Las Vegas brunette courtesan

Summer love with a Las Vegas brunette courtesan

Summer love and Charlene Love (uh, yes boys, that’s me) absolutely go hand-in-hand during these warm, titillating months. I’m talking about the stuff that this Las Vegas brunette courtesan is all about: casual, carefree, fun and oh-so-sexy. But the kind of fantasy love I’m talking about is crazy exciting, comes with no strings attached and finishes just as sweetly as it begins! What more could a gent ask for?

I dream of killer romance (and those juicy fantasies that are probably filling your imagination)

I love dreamy dinners and late nights out. This is no joke. As my friends will attest, I really am the kind of brunette companion who is undeniably sincere with an appetite for good times with the right gentleman.

The thing about summer love with a mature, brunette companion in Sin City is that one tends to feel different when the weather is steamy warm. I know I feel different. I get aroused more easily (if that’s even possible) and a date can be intensely erotic if we’re not careful. Wait. Who needs to be careful? Ha!

Summer love is about so many things that most folks want more of

I’m talking about the love for attention from a Las Vegas brunette courtesan that feeds your ego; the love for indulging in fine dining; the love of having a gorgeous mature brunette escort wrapped around your arm. And what about the love of light, flirty conversation with a brunette entertainer that makes ya feel like a million bucks? Or simply snuggling up in a nice, Las Vegas hotel. I just love it when my man feels like he’s on cloud nine to the point that he doesn’t want to say goodbye at the end of the evening! I love the idea that until our next date he is beaming from ear to ear.

Heat up your love life with a summer fling

I like to fling for the finer things in life, starting with a lusty connection that is off the charts with chemistry. And a lil’ eye candy during these summer love months is something a gentleman certainly finds flattering, wouldn’t you say, darling? I always tend to show a bit more skin fully expecting to heat things up in a way that a gentleman can’t resist. As a Las Vegas brunette escort entertainer,  (and of course, the total woman in me) loves to appear impeccably put together. Hmm, the reader (and my future date) might have a hard time undressing me with his eyes because I look so irresistibly classy yet approachable. That’s a nice problem to have. I’ll take it!

Summer love with Charlene Love

Actually, now that I’m reading my words, I’m feeling more like summer lust! But those words don’t ‘roll off my tongue’ in quite the same way, now do they? As your Las Vegas brunette companion and lucky charm, don’t for a minute think that it’s too toasty hot in Las Vegas during these summer love months. Because remember, I’ve got the perfect cocktail of ways to ‘cool you off’ both before, during and after we hit the casinos. Know what I mean, big fella?