For me, Covid-19 dating hasn’t really impacted my world much

Brunette, Las Vegas escort and girlfriend

Brunette Las Vegas escort girlfriendThis brunette, Las Vegas escort and girlfriend has always been selective about with whom I share my time. Who knew a year ago that covering one’s face would be fashionable? Ha! Now, I’ve got a variety of masks for Covid-19 dating that rivals my lingerie collection! But I prefer to ‘save myself’ for that handsome hunk reading my words on the other side of this article. I think we both agree that safe dating has taken on new meaning.

The Inner Touch

Acting on those inner urges has never been more tantalizing. I was born an intimate entertainer! This brunette, Las Vegas escort woman of romantic means is a total natural when it comes to saucing up our date behind closed doors.

Social status quo aside, I have discovered the secret of canning the sparkling city of Las Vegas to fit snuggly within the realm of our hotel suite. Think about it. Compared to greeting you in the lounge adorned from head to toe, I get to wear ‘significantly less’ when greeting you at the door of our exclusive love quarters!

Thanks to Covid-19, we are now free to privately explore each other in ways forbidden in public

Who needs a Vegas show with a gazillion people around, suppressing all that sensual energy? We’re both safe because we practice incredible hygiene. As your brunette, Las Vegas girlfriend, allow me to paint a picture that will raise your temperature, big fella.


A phone call or text from your favorite brunette Las Vegas girlfriend (me), requesting that you put that chill music on low (you know I want to slow dance with ya). You greet me at the door of your suite and wonder why I’m wearing a coat. Seconds later, your wildest imaginings begin to unfold.


Our own mini bar

Or perhaps you have a bottle of something chilling on the rocks? I’m a Chardonnay kinda girl. I’ve got some candles in my purse and soon the room is glowing with possibilities.


I throw open the French doors to invite the warm, evening breeze

It is so pleasant that you take my coat as your jaw drops and that male part of you reacts more quickly than you’d like. It’s okay. It’s only my black lingerie hugging my incredible curves. That seductive music plays right into the moment and you’ve got your arms all around me. Dancing with a busty, brunette, Las Vegas companion never felt so amazing!


Outdoor dining on our own terrace

What better way to admire this dazzling city than by dining exclusively in our own space with glittering lights as our only onlookers? The menu is extensive and soon we’ve ordered room service that rivals any 5-star restaurant. It gets better.


Semi-naked dessert!

Because by now, you’ve completely forgotten what city we’re in. But I have remembered that you asked for one of my special girlfriends to join us. There’s a tap at the door. You’re now in awe as two of the sexiest, most gorgeous bombshells join you for a dessert to remember. That Crème Brûlée tastes about as creamy as my satin skin and you’re like a boy in a candy store.

It’s just the three of us (imagine a brunette threesome!) and we are free to do as we wish. As if the moment wasn’t seductive enough, I’m feeling feisty. When you’re not looking, I tune into some naughty Netflix on the big screen tely. The evening proceeds to get just as out of control as our hearts desire.

Spaced Out Dating

No, darling. I’m not spaced out. This busty, curvy, brunette girlfriend of a companion has got it together. But in a safety sense, I’ve always had a spaced-out policy. It simply means that my friends are far and few between. Call me selective, if you like. It’s true! These days, I’m taking a lot more me-time while really cultivating incredible evenings with my chosen one. In the era of Covid-19, less is more. That’s the way I see it. What about you?

Cleanliness matters

Not only am I confirmed fever-free but I wash hands about ten times per day. My home is as clean as can be. As my future date, you are just as obsessed with hygiene as I am. We’re going to make a fabulous pair!

Sparking Your Inner Lover

Is what I do best. Who needs a lounge, show or performance to distract us? What we need is a bit of privacy. That is exactly what you’re going to get, big guy. Just as soon as you read my last word is the best time to reach out so we can get to planning.