During this year, the landscape of the adult entertainment industry has turned upside down and left many ladies and gentlemen scratching their heads

The passing of Sesta and Fosta laws saw many companions in the adult entertainment industry running for the hills while others decided to take action. Now, it seems that everyone has their noses in our business! And I am not okay with that. So I’ve taken action.

I am many things

As a Las Vegas sexy amusement specialist, I love entertaining my gentlemen friends. I mean, who says a girl can’t enjoy a romantic dinner date filled with intimacy and laughter? Nothing wrong with that. But I like to think that I’m a rather intelligent lady and one that likes to stay a step ahead of my game.

For those readers who know me, I’m a very private person

I don’t like the world knowing about my personal happenings, do you? This is called discretion! With so many boards and forums shutting their doors or practically shutting out Las Vegas escorts, I feel sort of cheated. Be the laws as they may, a bit of reform is in order and I’m the lady at the front of the line.

Over the months, my website, content and photos have dramatically changed

While I haven’t personally changed (well, I always strive to become a better expression of myself!), the way the cyber world views me has definitely changed. My website is now Sesta proof and that’s the way I like it. I can sleep at night knowing that my work as a sensual hostess is not going to get me into trouble because my pictures or content are incriminating.

What does all this governmental mumbo jumbo mean for you gents?

That’s the question of the year! And it means that gentlemen seeking the company of brunette escorts (or any companion for that matter) need to exercise [even more] caution when scheduling first-time engagements. Wasn’t this always the case? Good answer! But things are different now. I personally have a stronger sense of awareness about how I approach my work as an independent brunette model.

Companionship will never go away

It’s been around literally since the beginning of time. What has changed (for me, at least) is how some of us ladies approach professional dating. The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with booking a sensual adventure! But screening is now more important that ever – for the safety and piece of mind of both the lady and the gentleman. When we both know that we’re safe in each other’s company, isn’t that the best way to live it up? Enjoy the freedom that comes from indulging in a favorite fantasy? Or, be able to talk about our most intimate thoughts over a lovely dinner date while enjoying an incredible sunset?

The irony of the new laws for Las Vegas escorts

Isn’t it true that some of the lawmakers who aided in passing Sesta are also the ones who seek the company of brunette entertainers? One word comes to mind: hypocritical! Now, I’m not one to get political, but it’s worth mentioning in the eyes of new age companionship. At the end of the day, nothing really has changed other than how we brand ourselves – that’s an expression that I picked up from a good friend of mine.