Charlene Love | Mature Brunette EntertainerI am frequently asked if I truly enjoy entertaining

Well, for those of you who don’t yet know me, the answer is a resounding YES! But I would like to go a spot further and talk about what really happens ‘behind the scenes’ so-to-speak; a sneak preview into an evening of intimate fun, sensual adventure with this mature brunette entertainer and how I do Las Vegas!

How I beautify

My ‘girly’ side leaves no detail behind. There’s a reason behind my wiggle and why I look so mouthwateringly shapely. Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is my heavenly scent mixed with a refreshing air of clean – like I just stepped out of a luxury spa. My supple soft skin, brilliant smile, impeccably polished nails and the erotic details of lace that lie beneath my ensemble — are all carefully put together for your eyes only. I am a picture of perfect femininity!

My intuition speaks loud and clear

Just by our emails of the day, I can feel what kind of week you’ve had. That’s not such a bad thing! I mean, as a mature brunette entertainer, I can read body language like you can feel the Las Vegas heat. Tapping into your energy is something that I do best. I have the ability to make you feel delightfully relaxed and high on life at the same time. Hard to believe, right? But you come to me just as you are and I make it all okay every time.

Our first hello

I’d like to walk you through this vision for just a moment. Read my words and then sit back, close your eyes and visualize…

I’ve arranged an evening sizzling with potential and your heart is pounding a mile a minute. With pure excitement, you approach the lounge inside one of our favorite Las Vegas hotels. Just as the bartender delivers your beverage, a soft cloud of floral scent envelopes you like a rapture. A millisecond of paradise warms your body with anticipation. Instinctively, you turn around and there I am in total splendor. My incredible smile melts right through our greeting and you become giddy with excitement. I embrace you with a generous hug and we can both feel the evening’s potential! Need I say more?

What I’m feeling inside as a mature brunette entertainer

I intend to bring out the best in you and discover those amazing qualities that I know you have. I genuinely ask, “how was your day?” which sparks a conversation filled with every detail that you care to share. My flirty nature brings a smile to your face and suddenly the pressures of life don’t seem so bad, after all. Eventually, we are laughing in between sips of our favorite refreshment and the evening couldn’t get any better. That is, until my gentle caress ignites something inside and our eyes lock. It is an occasion brimming with possibilities.

Is this woman for real? You ask yourself and I chuckle inside as I know what’s going through your mind. Dinner is no less incredible than these special moments already shared and yet the night is young. As the sun dips below the horizon, city lights come alive and it is time to explore!

Let’s paint the town

Desire is building up inside. I can see it in your eyes. That imagination of yours is getting a little naughty and keeps wandering off to fantasies in the boudoir where midnight dessert awaits. But first… it’s game on! We’re both up for some blackjack and with this mature brunette entertainer on your arm, the odds are screaming in your favor! Quick! Reach me now!

The evening runs away with us

A flurry of romance spins amidst glittering lights. Your hotel suite is drop dead gorgeous and we’ve got every reason to grace that grand terrace with our presence. As much as you love my little black dress, silk stockings and heels, mischief is written all over your face as you steal a peek at my cleavage. Hand in hand, we enter through magnificent doors only to find a bottle of our favorite bubbly chilling patiently. Soft, rhythmic music wafts through the air and I am quick to light a few candles that I’ve got stashed away in my bag. The mood couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s time to learn a whole lot more about the lady behind the hostess as I disappear into the powder room to change into something more… well, shall I say suitable?

This is the part where my story stops and allows mystery to consume you. Ha! Want to find out how it ends? My darling, that requires a connection. I can’t wait to share!