Charlene Love | Brunette entertainerWhat happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

The entertainment capital of the world abounds with sexy escapades and I’m at the heart of it all. Life is a privilege and meant to be celebrated! Call me an entertainment connoisseur if you will because I put the glitz in Las Vegas glamour. Think of me as your fabulously flirty, mature brunette escort who specializes in sensual amusement. Call me your Lady Luck for an evening of adventurous episodes and your mojo will never be the same. Are you starting to get the picture?


There is so much to be savored in the City of Lights

Starring Charlene’s World where sultry romance is always in fashion. While the casinos are brimming with wishful gamblers swaying back to their rooms at dawn, I’m busy romancing the night away. As a sensual hostess, Las Vegas really brings out the true entertainer in me. I’ll start with a frothy beverage in the cocktail lounge that just happens to be located in your hotel. Now that I’ve got your attention big boy, shall we head to Centerfolds Cabaret for some erotically topless entertainment? I think so! All strip clubs aside, we’re bound to work up on appetite and I’m a charming Las Vegas dinner date.


As we stroll arm-in-arm into The Steak House for some scrumptious meaty fare (yes, I made our reservation in advance!), you’re starting to work up an appetite of the carnal kind. A plush, red leather booth welcomes us as we tuck away into the smoky shadows of the evening and order a round of our favorite cocktails. May I remind you that I am an authentic brunette entertainer at heart? For what happens next is what you least expect — at least in the moment. As our appetites pour over the menu, my hand disappears beneath the table and… well, let’s just say the look on your face tells a thousand orgasmic words. Appetizers have yet to arrive but our sensual adventure is already off the charts!


I see no end to excursions in the Glitter Gulch

But our desire is electric and I thought I heard your suite calling. I’m your fantasy girlfriend and mature brunette escort desiring to have you for dessert! It’s dreamy walking arm-in-arm as we stroll through the casino, meandering without a care in the world. Floating high on attraction, you dim the lights as I disappear into the powder room. I emerge wearing curves with attitude and your favorite fantasy ensemble amid an environment wafting with possibilities. You’ve got this Las Vegas grin on your face like you just won a million bucks. But I’m the prize you’ve been waiting for. I’ve got my energy on your pulse and a treasure trove of pleasure is about to unfold. Have I got you on the edge of your seat, lover?


Aaah, this fantasy Vegas girl has just given new meaning to Sin City

As we get tangled in each other’s arms gazing at the lights of the strip. We’ve reached the epicenter of the universe and life couldn’t be more blissful. But… as I always say… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!