Charlene Love

Las Vegas GFE Mature Brunette Escort


The Secret Arrangement     

A snug fit for the established gentlemen who's desires are for more than a sexy tryst.

It’s that feeling you get when you get a little message asking how your day is going, when your sent a sneaky picture before heading into a meeting, explore private moments via Face time, share laughs and flirtatious anticipation together. Anticipation can be such a sexy word.  Wouldn't you agree?  Delight in a knowing smile,  a devilish grin. Know someone's there, know someone cares.  Know you've got a secret.   

Allow yourself the freedom to quench your thirsts , cravings, longings, voids, appetite for intimacy, support, intimate friendship and more.. A secret arrangement fits like a fine tailored suit. Or your most comfortable pair of cowboy boots. Ha! 

I make you smile, you make me smile. We smile together .. Easy pezy!

I would love for you to contact me and share with me your thoughts and a bit about what makes you tick. A little food for the journey so to speak a good friend once told me.  In return,  I shall bring the dessert.  I hope you have a sweet tooth darling ..  I know I sure do !!

I can keep a secret,  can you?..  

Your lover,




I created this page keeping in mind those I have shared myself with that would like to continue with my indulgences once they return home. As well as for those I have not/will not have the fortune of meeting. I feel the desire and need for intimacy is paramount. 

Please know regardless of what state or country your located in connection is achievable. As well, I am a seasoned travel companion for those out of town/country business trips.. 


* monthly/quarterly commitment preferred but not limited to.  I adore grand gestures and am quite giving of myself in return as I realize the door swings both ways.     With mutual connection and comfort level all reasonable arrangements will be considered.