Charlene Love

Las Vegas GFE Mature Brunette Escort


New friends tend to become long time friends while others have enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience as our paths crossed. I would be honored to receive your personal memoir of our time shared together.  Select the Blue option directly below to submit.  



NEW* January 2018 Danny says...

Charlenes Pure Enthusiasm is contagious. Within the first few minutes I felt like I could share things reserved for close friends. With somme women it's llike pulling teeth to get an engaged response. With her I had to keep up. 

How would you describe our date?Charlene is an exceptional individual. Classy, creative, passionate, patient and a joy to be around. I expected to enjoy myself. I didn't expect to be so captivated by her enthusiasm that I nearly forgot myself entirely. My one warning, you could easily lose track of time. 

Would you repeat our date again?Looking for any excuse to get back there ASAP

December 2018 John says...

To describe her attitude there is only one word - PERFECTION.  She made me feel like I had known her for years and that we were simply renewing a long lost romance.  Never once did I get the impression that escorting was her profession.  If you had to describe a perfect date, you would have to include CL in the description.

How would you describe our date?Dinner together the first night at a very fancy and overpriced restaurant.  We were oblivious to our surroundings and she made it so easy to concentrate on her and our conversations.  She never was embarrassed about PDA's but she never overdid her public affections for me.  To be in the public's presence with Charlene is the ultimate gift you can give yourself.  She's a total head turner and it is with great pride and anticipation that I look forward to our next adventure together.  She's the best I have ever found in the business!

Would you repeat our date again?Already booked with her for Valentine's and the two days after!

Nov2017 David says..

Best connection I’ve ever made.
Incredible heart, beautiful inside and out

How would you describe our date?Loved it
We had a lot of fun, laughing and sharing some drinks, and  far as what went on in my suite.. ...
An overall amazing lover

Personally, I’ve found the “lady” for me, and don’t want anyone else in Vegas now.
I’m 100% Charlene’s  from now on 

Would you repeat our date again? On my next visit (for sure)

Oct 2017 Mr Winner says..

How was my attitude? Charlene is a complete charmer. Funny and sexy. A living Vargas cartoon.  She is truly eager to please and knows how to do so.

How would you describe our date? It was close to perfect combination of the girlfriend and porno experience plus lots of laughs!!!!.  Truly memorable evening.

Would you repeat our date again?Without a doubt I will repeat. I think I’ll give myself a longer date next year as a birthday gift.

Patrick says...

How would you describe our date?One word - Amazing!  Charlene is the ultimate date - sexy, erotic, sensual, sultry, captivating, mesmerizing, and really fun.  Dressed to kill, and the ultimate sexy personality.....Charlene is magnetic - you can't hold back.  Sexy, confident, and mature - that is hot!  She can make your fantasy or fetish come true - yolo right!  I will not share details, but I can't imagine a better experience than my time with Charlene.  


Would you repeat our date again?Hell Yeah!

Marty says...
September 5, 2017

Spending time with Charlene is more like an event than a date.  From the moment she walks into the room, she exudes class and sex appeal.  She makes you feel like you are the only person in the world.  It is obvious that she is not one of those "check the box", scripted companions who are merely performing the same play night after night.  It is an organic, customized, and natural encounter that you will NEVER forget! My date with Charlene was truly a one of a kind, reality bending, fantasy come to life.  Her personality is as gorgeous as her physical appearance.  It was a completely fullilling encounter.  Charlene is a real woman who cares about your happiness.  Frankly, Charlene puts most others to shame.  She has truly raised the bar for others to follow.  My only regret is having to wait a year until my next trip to her home town. I would see here again in a heartbeat!


💎 New Roleplay Review
Boston Eric says...
May 2017

How was my attitude?  Flirty, seductive, incredibly magnetic.  I am not sure how I could possibly have resisted your advances even if I wanted to.  Hell, I don't think the Pope or the Dalai Lama could have respected their chastity vows with you around them!

How would you describe our date?  I asked Char for a fantasy roleplay in which it's my wedding weekend and she is my fiancee's college friend (who I have never met).  Her job is to test how faithful I am by trying to seduce me into a tryst.  Char brought amazing reality to the roleplay.  She studied and prepared well and dominated me in a sensual way that was both powerful and overwhelmingly hot.  It felt like real life, or at least the kind of real life I would love to have!

Would you repeat our date again?  In a micro-second


Michael says...
March 2017

This gal is incredible. She has a smile that made me feel relaxed and comfortable the whole evening. She actually wanted to be there and made me feel like it.

How would you describe our date?  It was great to actually spend time with a real person not some bimbo doing a blowup doll imp-resonation
As a gentleman  I would not divulge the salty details so let me say it was a night I will not forget.  This gal as it together and knows how to use it well

Would you repeat our date again? Yes


Chris says...
February 2017

I had the honor and pleasure to spend hours with Charlene when I was in Las Vegas. Charlene is the woman you dream about meeting and then every once in a while, you meet her,  She takes your breath away, makes your heart and a few other things throb
A spectacular evening with dinner together from the best viewing point in Las Vegas. We were arm in arm and smile to smile from the moment we sat down at the table. Charlene lives in the moment. And gloriously. Charlene is all about Joy intimacy and  - Fun -and- mischief.


Barker says....
February 2017

I was breathless from the first glance of Charlene. when  I met Charlene her charm, her warmth her absolutely stunningly beautiful smile . And her Beautiful eyes I could gaze into for days. We had great conversation. We talked about everything from bringing up kids to applied physics and nuances of how  the universe operates.  I'm absolutely certain that by the end of the evening when I regretfully had to leave , Charlene knew more about me than almost any other woman I've ever met. She is incredibly patient, sweet,  charming and mischievous, and has a unique ability to make an intense physical and  emotional connection . Charlene is deeply compassionate, - emotionally intelligent -  exactly the woman I always wanted to meet. 
I'm already planning how and when I'm gonna get to see Charlene again. If Charlene were next to me right now I'd look her in the eye and say, "you are a sweetheart".  Would you repeat our date again? As soon as possible!

Philip says…
October 27, 2016

Charlene is the “Hat-Trick” of companions.  One, she is naughty enough to be fun.  Two, she is lady enough to take anywhere.  Three, she is woman enough, feminine enough and nurturing enough, that you can relax, let your guard down and really enjoy her company.  The fun started before we even met in person, with a series of flirty text messages between the two of us.  These served to get my expectations raised.  These expectations were not disappointed. We met in the “flesh” for the first time at a lounge.  I thought I had the entrance covered, but she came through the side door and gave me a most pleasant surprise.  She walked, or should I say bounced into the lounge.  Charlene has a smile that lights up the room, but even her smile was hard to notice with the little black dress she was wearing, along with a pair of heels so high they must have made her ears pop when she first put them on.  The aforementioned “little black dress” showed just enough décolletage to peak a man’s interest.  Charlene has more curves than a mountain road, but shows them only with class. After the lounge we went to dinner.  The hostess tried to put us in a table off to the side, but Charlene took control and intervened and made sure that we got a table with a beautiful view of the Strip.   During dinner we talked, we relaxed, we had fun.  I had the most fun because I had two beautiful views – the Strip and Charlene.  Also, periodically Charlene would rub against my leg.  It is amazing how something so small, can feel so good.  Also, I had that oh so good feeling of knowing that every other man in the restaurant was jealous of me.  My time with Charlene was one of my best decisions.  It provided me with some much needed good memories, and a release that will keep me going for some time to come.

Shawn says...
June 10, 2016

Charlene's attitude was sexy, playful, joyful, and carefree. She knows how to connect and make a person feel comfortable, connected. She was funny, hot, and far exceeded expectations. They say a picture is worth a thousand can stare at Charlene's pics all day (seems like I have, BTW), but they just don't do her justice. You get a taste of her welcoming, playful attitude on her site, but believe me, it's just a taste.  We met in a bar with a quaint and romantic booth, an opportunity to meet and get to know each other. The moment I saws her slink around the corner I couldn't take my eyes off her, truly caught in her spell. My heart stopped and I had no idea just how beautiful she would be inside and out. Our date was absolutely phenomenal and one in which I'll remember for years to come. My one regret is we didn't have enough time. She never rushed, she took her time, and we spent every moment of our time together...I keep asking myself, was it a dream? Truly magical. I would repeat our date in a heartbeat and hope I get to again in the very near future (it can't come soon enough).

Gunnar says...
July 14, 2016

What did you think of my appearance? Out of this world
How was my attitude? Charlene is a real women. She’s not restrained. Her confidence is sexy.
How would you describe our date? The first is your smile. Your smile is overwhelming. I still remember our date as your smile gave me a warm welcome.
Second is your charm, never before have I met such a charming lady.
Would you repeat our date again? Oh yes.