Charlene Love

Las Vegas GFE Mature Brunette Escort

The Charlene Experience

Would you like to take me out? Would you like to keep me?  Perhaps a sweet combination of both peaks your interest.

To help you with selecting your desires I have added  7 exciting package visions of things I enjoy.

Should your naughty desire be something that is not in my light suggestions, By All Means, please do share !  I would love to fulill your naughtiest of fantasies.

You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough. Wouldn't you agree?

This is Vegas! Anything is a possibility. That being said let's go package shopping together! 

Please scroll through my 7 most popular rendezvous's to the right highlighted in blue. It's actually the color Perry Winkle… But I didn't want to confuse anybody… ~lol~


1hour                           475
1.5 hours                      650*
2 hours                         800
3 hours                         1150
4 hours                         1450
Overnight                     4000
Each additional hour   350

*my favorite for new friends




Not quite ready to jump in with both feet but definitely know you want to get your toes wet? A beverage and appetizer date is a safe, sexy, no pressure way of enjoying a first date. Nothing wrong with indulging yourself with a pretty face and a smile!


Would you like to enjoy one of the many fine restaurants Las Vegas has to offer? I hope you're nodding your head Yes! I am a self proclaimed foodie and Vegas is the perfect city to indulge. Lets select a restaurant that will tantalize our palets. I have a cute little black dress in mind! Panties or no panties?


Did somebody say cocktails? By far this is my most popular request. Let's enjoy some of Vegas's vibe at a smooth, quiet sexy lounge for an intoxicating beverage along with some flirty conversation. If you're good, I just might let you sneak a peek down my blouse.


Looking to hit the tables? Craps blackjack, roulette. I enjoy them all. I’d be happy to sprinkle you with my lady luck. - Let's grab show tickets! Comedy shows are my favorite as well as when a good group swings through town. Please no Donnie and Marie. I have seen it 4x's haha.



Prefer to keep our rendezvous private behind your closed doors? I would love to be your naughty little secret and bring the party to your room with a light tap at your door.. .


Interested in designing a 10, 24- or 48-hour package together? The possibilities are truly endless! We certainly would have some planning to do. There's no telling what kind of trouble we might get ourselves into.


Select how much time suits you and your fantasy and whoo-la! We will have picked a package together (and we haven't even held hands yet ;).