Charlene Love

Las Vegas GFE Mature Brunette Escort


How do I handle your gift when meeting in a PUBLIC setting?
Place my gift in a card/envelope/gift bag and present it to me in a graceful enough time of our smiles connecting. Please gentleman, never make me ask.

How do I handle your gift when we meet in PRIVATE?
Kindly place my gift on your restroom vanity. ~ Gifts are always unspoken and should NEVER be talked or referred to by email, phone and definitely Not in person. Period.

Is my information safe with you Charlene?
Absolutely! I have no other intentions with your information than to verify you for our rendezvous. I promise not to stalk you on Facebook. Ha!

Do you offer incall?
Yes ! I would be happy to make the arrangements. Please contact me in advance to set up the details for reserving our very own private space. Generally same day last minute requests will not work for me for such an occasion.

Do you offer doubles?
Of course! All of my girlfriends are sexy and fun! One on each arm, What more could a man ask for? Other than, one at your nose and one at your toes and we meet at your middle. Ha !

Do you offer ½ sessions
No, as this is not my style

Do you do bachelor parties?
Lol. Ummm, no. Those are best suited for the 20-something year old ladies, not a grown woman such as myself.

Can I use you as a reference?
Yes. Please contact me first so that I feel comfortable sharing that we have spent time together.

Do you accept regular communication until my next trip to Las Vegas?
Yes, a friendly flirty hello every now and again is absolutely welcomed! As long as it is not overwhelming or intrusive. Regrettably I cannot entertain flirting throughout the day and evening with multiple friends. I suggest my Secret Arrangement option for those who just can't get enough of me.

Do you enjoy what you do?
In a word, Yes!

Can we meet before our official date
Sure, please refer to my GFE rates page for Cocktail/Coffee social time only dates.

Can you describe your favorite date?
What matters most is being in your fine company and of course, enjoying all that we have planned privately. Although it never hurts to take a lady to dinner and shopping... But I'm sure you knew that answer before you asked. Ha