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Las Vegas GFE Mature Brunette Escort

It’s closing time...

 I’m happy to announce that I will be introducing a new 2018 website.  Sadly it will not include a blog page. I have had fun in here with my little itty-bitty baby blog attempt. I enjoyed the interaction that was shared by all. Thank you! 

Oh no! you say?  ha! No worries, you can now follow me on Twitter should you like to see me TaWiggle around.  (Is that even a word?…it’s is now lol)


I'm still on the fence about Twitter

I can't seem to make up my mind.  One day I say to myself.. "I'm going to do it! .. then the next day I change my mind again,then again then back again. I'm usually not so indecisive but for some reason this Twitter phenomenon has mesecond guessing.

From what I can tell it seems Very Very time-consuming. At times when I was poking around just trying to figure out what all the hype was abouthours would pass by without me even noticing. I'm not quite sure I'm up for a such a Timely commitment. Heck, who would feed my dogs? And actually to be honest it didn't look like That much fun to me.  Still not even quite sure about all the hashtag malarkey and excitement is about.  

So I've decided to take a step back from the idea and spend more time marinating and posting on my blog. After all,  it is my Very own private space that I can say, do and post whatever I like without the headache of social media.  .  .. for now at least.   See !  there I go again with the indecisiveness.  Grrrr.  Darn Twitter! ha

It's Picture Day!!!

My pictures are Live !!  

I certainly hope you are enjoying the new additions.   I saved a few to sprinkle into my galleries in the few short weeks ahead  ..  can't give you allll the goodies allll at once. What fun with that be ?  ha!  

Tell me,  which is your favorite and why ? ..

With confidence I can say I am wonderful at many many things...

.....although it seems keeping a updated blog is not one of them.  Sorry guys!

They say that Twitter is the new black.  Hmm, I  look great in black!  Perhaps Twitter will look great on me as well... 

.... I honestly never thought the day would come that I would tweet anything! Ha

.... Although, I'm not completely sold on the world of Twitter. In fact, I'm quite apprehensive.  My thoughts were that it was always more for the 35 and under's?  .. I'm not quite sure that is the age range I want to Twitter myself around in front of as that is not my ideal match.. Most gentleman I spend time with don't seem to be the Twitter type a guy. ..

Although,... Perhaps there is something to say for this new black.  I have decided to take the next few weeks in poke around a bit and figure out how to even accomplish a tweet. The pros/cons ect ect ect...

Should I be convinced to get my toes wet in the land of Twitter I will post a announcement of my Twitter handle should you love to follow me and .. .my wiggle. 

Wish me luck !


Incall Monday Boy's?

It is becoming frustrating not being able to meet new friends that request incall.

Soooo... I was thinking of starting a new spring special.

Incall Monday's!

This would give me a chance to test the waters four times a month.  Heck if it works out nicely… securing a monthly apartment might be something I would consider.

Perhaps incall could be my new best friend !

yay or nay on this idea ? ..



I'm backkkk...just like I promised

Wow! Hard to believe it’s already February. I had wanted to start writing this in January, but who knew how popular  I would be during  Vegas's January convention month.  It always makes me feel warm inside when so many of you keep coming back to me to share sexxxy evenings together. 


Hello, I'm Charlene, my friends call me Char. I am the kind of women you cant help but notice. From behind you’ll see a wiggle that has caused people, and I do mean women as well, to lose concentration and bump into objects, lose footing stumbling into the road and even one walk into a glass window! From the front, well let us just say that my best assets are not necessarily kept in a safe. 

If you know me you know I have a flirtatious nature,  I get a charge out of giving attention as much as  receiving it. I’m a believer in stimulating one's mind before we meet, little texts, sweet emails and flirty chats between us can really build up the anticipation for both of us. I have always thought that Anticipation was such a sexy word.. Wouldn't you agree?

This year I'm looking to tour our fabulous country, I hear so much from you gentlemen (not to forget a wonderful lady called Ruby. (I will have to tell you about that night soon!) about various States and cities that I thought i would have to sample them, and the locals gents. My notebook is full of places including Texas, Louisiana, New York and California at the top. I really want to hear suggestions of where I should visit as well as why I should. I’m a big believer that travel broadens the mind (as if my mind needed broadening), and I enjoy learning as much from the people in my company as they do from me. 

I can not tell you how much i have been wanting to start writing this blog, getting to know each other is important and building a connection even more. So guys, I would love to hear not only your feedback but your questions for me.  From mild to wild no topic is off-limits.

So now you know a little about me, I would hate to give everything away too soon!.

Can we talk?  Yes we certainly can!



Happy 2017


January 1, 2017

What better way to kick off the new year then by keeping my New Year's resolution!

Yes Boys! As promised, I am going to start writing in my blog.

Be sure to stay tuned.  It's about to get Hot in Here!